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REF 0695ES Sustainable and fully integrated in nature project Punta Brava, Costa brava, Spain.


The' Amazing Department' of architecture resides in the creation of the fine art and methodic science of designing buildings and spaces that will have a profound improvement on people’s lifestyles and businesses.


We promote revolutionary ideas that will change the world. We explore these ideas together with the best architects globally. They are driven by design excellence, purpose, and innovation, we embrace work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit: relationships are our greatest asset.

We are honoured to work together with several renowned architects, engineers and high tech companies such as Tesla, StarckGate and Philips in order to achieve this fantastic project in Punta Brava.

The road which comes to a dead end, leads you down towards your property where you can appreciate the landscape in all its beauty.

The living area is enclosed by a single large window frame.

The entire window frame can be retracted into the ground.


The swimming pool lies in front of the building and merges together with the living space beyond the terrace, surrounded by the endless view of the sea. A number of walls and pillars have been painstakingly erected on the concrete surface and support the floor above which contains the bedrooms. Located at 80 metres altitude, none of the building’s features constitute a threat to nature. Under blue skies the building appears calm and serene whilst in stormy weather it has a striking and tormented air about it.


This amazing villa will be a sustainable, ecological and state of the art project that will be used as a new blueprint for building in the future.


Location :

Urbanization of Punta Brava.

Between the cities of Barcelona and Girona.

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