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Bruno Erpicum Amazing Architect


Bruno Erpicums architectural discipline is fundamentally minimalist and austere, although the size of space are usually considerably large. The particular style of Erpicum can receive many adjectives as personal interpretations may be varied.

According to Erpicum, architecture should “disappear” and be as simple as possible to let the natural environment express itself and dominate.

The environmental context determines the essence of each project using materials found in the area and taking into account the conditions these materials are exposed to, their maintenance and installation conditions.

Marked by modesty and perfectly integrated into its natural environment, some of the works by Erpicum are almost invisible in the landscape. 

The environmental awareness is of first order. The buildings are established taking into account existing landscape elements.

For example, the exteriors of houses near the sea hosts coast flora of the area, more adapted to the environment and reduce a possible visual impact.

You can also say that the process and the design of his works are environmentally friendly, as it attempts to exploit the available resources of the land and avoid large transports.


Rewarded at the Architectural BIFSA Awards 1984 - RSA.
Rewarded at the Eric Lion Architectural Awards 1986 - England.
Mention in Architectural Belgian Awards 1994 – Belgium.
Participation in the international Colloquim “ Contemporary Architecture”  organized by the Brussels Government in March 2003.
Rewarded at the Prix de l'Urbanisme 2004 - Belgium.
Nominated at the Grand Prix de l'Architecture Walonne GPAW 2010 - Belgium.
Rewarded at the Big Mat International Architecture Awards 2013 - Europe.
Rewarded at the International Space Design Awards IDEA-TOPS 2013 – Villa category - Shenzen, China.
Twice rewarded at the “RE-THINKING THE FUTURE SUSTAINABILITY AWARDS 2014” - “Residential Building Built” - Villa category
Rewarded at the Grand Prix de l'Architecture Wallone GPAW 2015 - Belgium.

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