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Introduction to Buying Property in Formentera, Spain

Welcome to the picturesque island of Formentera, a gem in the Spanish archipelago and a haven for property investment. Nestled in the Mediterranean, this serene destination offers more than just a retreat; it's a unique opportunity to invest in a market that, despite the global challenges posed by the Coronavirus COVID-19, remains a bastion of security and exclusivity.

The Formentera housing market stands apart in its uniqueness. Characterized by a limited housing stock and stringent restrictions on new developments, it has become one of the most exclusive real estate locales in Europe. While you might find more for your money in other charming places, none match Formentera's cool factor or its ability to retain exceptionally high property values, unaffected by the broader trends in Spain's real estate market.

If you're eyeing an investment in European real estate, Formentera should be at the top of your list. This article will guide you through the top reasons why buying property on this breathtaking island is a wise decision:


  • Enviable Lifestyle: Formentera's mild climate, stunning beauty, and extraordinarily safe and laid-back quality of life make it one of Europe's most sought-after markets for second homes. It's a natural paradise, offering exclusivity just a few hours' flight from many European countries.

  • High Value and Income Potential: Properties here are not just about owning a piece of paradise; they offer considerable value. Summer rental values in Formentera surpass those in Ibiza, allowing villas to generate significant annual income.

  • Stable Investment: In times of market volatility, like the recent losses in shares and bonds due to COVID-19, property in Formentera stands as a tangible, resilient asset. It offers not just a physical space but also the potential for significant returns, even in less favorable economic conditions.

  • Privacy and Exclusivity: Formentera is a sanctuary for those who value privacy, including the rich and famous. It's one of the few places where high-profile individuals can enjoy their holidays relatively undisturbed.

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