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Bedrooms : 12

Bathrooms : 8

Construction : 3000 m2

Plot : 2700 ha

Price : 60.000.000 Euro.


This ultimate investment opportunity is an amazing working farm. It has 2,700 hectares. Traditionally it was a cattle farm in which tame cows, wild cattle, sheep, pigs...

It had an entire infrastructure perfectly prepared and dedicated to it. With the passage of time, the part of the livestock business was giving way more and more to the agricultural business, but it was also given a focus on renewable energies that are so much in vogue today.

Land was prepared to grow cereals, ancient three-foot olive groves were renovated into modern plantations with a super-intensive framework, water ponds were made to irrigate part of the land, and what is most important, an agreement was reached with one of the the most important operators in the sector to lease 295 hectares. to build and operate in the long term a 50 MW solar thermal plant that is currently the main source of income for the property.

It has been gradually modernized to reach our days as one of the best and most profitable farms in Andalusia (Spain).


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