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REF 0497ES

Bedrooms : 33

Bathrooms : 29

Construction : 2145 m2 construction

Plot : 3200 Ha

Price : 16.000.000 Euro



An Amazing hunting estate with big and small game shooting for sale near Córdoba, Andalusia, Southern Spain. This farm of 3,200 Ha, on an altitude of approximately 800 metres, is part of the Valle del Guadiato region. It is located just north of Córdoba in the Sierra de Hornachuelos Natural Park and in turn forming part of Sierra Morena.

The farm or country estate is made up of several groups of buildings. The main complex has a 1,092m2 Hacienda with three floors. Ground floor with large bar-living area, dining room, kitchen and guest toilets. First floor has 16 en suite guest bedrooms, kitchen, and terraces at each end of the hall. Second floor is owners’ suite with 4 en suite bedrooms, kitchen, and private living room. This stunning country property is very well maintained. It was built in the 90s and is therefore in need of some internal reforms to update the property to today’s standards. It is sold unfurnished. The property has central heating with radiators on the ground floor and underfloor heating on the first and second floor. The heating system is on diesel.

An annex or chalet of 120 m2 built size, is currently the guard house. It has 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen and living room. Also annex is a 863m2 trophy room with kitchen and guest bathrooms, and a basement with bodega, employee dining area, staff toilet, and storage. Strategically located, hidden from the main buildings, is a 602m2 barn. The barn is divided into three areas: a workshop for machinery and tools, an animal feed store and a cold room with a capacity for 120 animals.

Next to the majestic main hacienda there are two more farmhouses with barns on the estate. The second complex has a farmhouse, built in cortijo style with 3 wings and a courtyard. App. 801m2 built size. It needs to be reformed. Currently it has three living units each with 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, living room and kitchen, and a big shared trophy room / living area. Additional carport, and an adjacent guard house of 121m2. A third complex consisting of a main farmhouse with 8 bedrooms, 3 living areas, kitchen and 2 bathrooms. The main house connects to the guard house with 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and 1 open kitchen-living area, and the trophy room with kitchen and bathroom. Additional is a water deposit style pool, storage barn and employee house. All in need of reform. There is a watch tower and multiple abandoned houses in need of reform are found on the property. Water from 3 wells supply the houses and electricity is from the main network.

It is a big and small game hunting farm. There is a dense fauna consisting of wild boars (550-600), deer (1,500-1,600), fallow deer (200-220) and mouflon (300-350) approximately. The farm has a large number of trophy animals. For the small game, it has species as rabbits, hares, partridge and wood pigeon. Due to the characteristics of the farm, it is possible to organize large hunting parties (monterias or ganchos). The current owners usually organize 3-4 monterias per season. The estate can be subdivided in different hunting areas so the amount of posts can vary from smaller sized parties of 10 or 25 posts up to larger sizes up to 75 posts. This is carefully planned with the expert engineer, adapted to the wishes of the owners. Stalking can be done throughout the season.

The animals are well cared for, the farm has 27 water points, medium-sized ponds and automatic drinking fountains that provide water to the animals. A large amount of grasslands within the farm are almost enough to feed the animals, therefore, the amount of feed that is used as a supplement is minimal.

The hunting plan has been approved and extended for 2021-2022 season. In the 2020-2021 season, approximately 420 animals were hunted, including 105 deer, 132 deer, 141 wild boar, 40 mouflons and 2 fallow deer. The current approximate population is 2,550 animals (1,500 deer, 550 wild boars, 200 fallow deer, 300 mouflons). Additionally in small game, the farm has species such as partridge, pigeon, thrush, rabbit and hare among others. The property is completely fenced with a hunting net.

The vegetations are mainly Holm oaks, in combination with areas of Mediterranean mountains vegetation, made up of rockrose, mastic, high holm oaks, cork oaks, strawberry trees and pines. Thanks to the variety in its vegetation and the location, the farm offers exceptional beauty.

The terrain has an undulating relief, with moderate-high slopes more pronounced in the vicinity of the streams. Although it also has many open areas to enjoy the spectacular views and excellent hunting opportunities.

There is an excellent road system. Access from the main road to the Hacienda is with tarmac. The rest of the 100km roads are well maintained. The endless trails cut through the mountains over the peaks and back into the valleys. The farm is easy to explore by car, on horseback, on foot or by mountain bike.

The property is connected to mains electricity with 3 different connections on the farm. 3 water wells serve the houses.

Location :

The property is 1 hour and 15 min. from the city of Córdoba. And 2 hrs drive from the International Airport of Malaga. There is a possible helicopter landing pad near the main house.


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