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Bedrooms : -

Bathrooms : -

Construction : 348 m2

Plot : 4.894 m2

Price : On Request


Torre de les Punxes is a stunning modernist estate that boasts a rich history and unique architectural design. The estate was conceptualized by the renowned architect Josep Goday and constructed between 1890 and 1912. Set on a 4,894 m² plot of land, the estate encompasses 348 m² of living space and is situated on the coveted first line of Sant Pol beach in S'Agaró.

The estate comprises two distinct structures, with the larger of the two featuring nine towers that are each crowned with a point. Rising higher than the other towers is the central tower, which serves as the focal point of the entire building. This combination of towers has earned the estate several names, including the Xalet de les Punxes, Torre de les Punxes, and Casa de les Punxes.

Each tower was built to commemorate one of the owner's children, giving the estate a unique and personal touch.

The estate features a ground floor and upper floor, with the higher central tower and smaller towers adorned with white and blue trencadís. The entrance is located through a lateral body that leads to the garden and the main house. The ornamental moldings on the windows are a standout feature of the estate, featuring typically modernist plant decoration.

Undoubtedly, Torre de les Punxes is one of the most extraordinary and historically significant estates on the Costa Brava. Its unique design and prime location make it a truly exceptional property.

In addition to its historical significance and unique architectural design, Torre de les Punxes is also an excellent rare investment opportunity. As one of the most iconic estates on the Costa Brava, the property has tremendous potential for generating income through various means, including vacation rentals, event hosting, or even as a boutique hotel.

Moreover, given the scarcity of properties of this caliber in such a prime location, the estate is likely to appreciate significantly in value over time, making it a highly attractive investment option. Additionally, the estate's proximity to the beach and other local amenities further enhances its appeal, making it an ideal choice for discerning investors seeking a rare and exclusive property.


This is not an A Location but a triple A location.

Situated in the area where the beautiful Sant Pol beach was first developed at the end of the 19th century, the estate was the first residential building in the area.

A testament to the stately summer vacations of the early 1900s, the estate has a rich and storied history.


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