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REF 0387UK

Bedrooms : 6

Bathrooms : 6

1,66 ha plot, (4,1 AC).


This example of British modernist architecture – and the former country estate of US Ambassador John Hay Whitney – represents a unique restoration of one of the Wentworth Estate's most historic homes. Built in the 1930s by the visionary British architect, Oliver Hill, and now beautifully restored. Hill was inspired by the calm and cogent white Modernist houses of the 1920s, especially those designed by the German-American architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

Situated in an impressive 4.1 acres, Cherry Hill's architecture is as striking today as when it was first built. Sensitive and ambitious restoration has retained the original architectural character and elegance of the property, whilst creating a whole sustainable modern home with all the space, amenities and services an owner would expect of a house in such a prestigious location. Cherry Hill's architecture immediately sets it apart from any other property in Wentworth or elsewhere in the UK. As one would expect from a contemporary house of this standing, the fit out and quality of finish is exceptional. Every effort has been placed on using a palette of fine stone, choice veneers, chromed steel and glass. The infilled east courtyard has been rebuilt and now houses a basement cinema, study, laundry and wine cellar with a subterranean link to a new single-storey, stand-alone pavilion which provides guest accommodation, a new plant room and a large garage. To the west of the main house, a complete new wing has been constructed beyond the defining curved wall of Hill's original design. Planned on three levels, this provides a generous part double-height reception room, two guest bedrooms adjoining a south-facing balcony, a spa and relaxation suite and the house's most dramatic contemporary feature - an underground indoor swimming pool with a floor which rises up to create a spacious level entertainment space. The restoration of Cherry Hill provides not only space, but all of the amenities that a luxurious house of its proportion demands.


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