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Project Formentera Beach

Project Description

Situated on the pristine sandy shores of Mitjorn in the enchanting island of Formentera, our latest building project is a symphony of luxury and serene island charm. Embracing 15,000 square meters of lush land, this development promises exclusivity with a bespoke built surface of 303.37 square meters, which thoughtfully includes a guest house to welcome your esteemed visitors. The absence of a basement ensures each design element harmonizes with the natural contours of the landscape. One of the crowning jewels of this property is the 42-square-meter pool, a tranquil oasis mirroring the clear skies above. While the initial price valuation remains a closely guarded revelation until the completion of the bare brickwork, anticipation is as high as the quality we promise. The interior of the residence (as depicted in the provided photos) celebrates natural textures and light, with spaces that flow seamlessly into one another. A palette of earthy tones complements the wooden beams overhead, bringing an organic warmth to the dining area. The bathroom, a tableau of understated elegance, features sleek fixtures and a tasteful selection of greenery that adds a touch of vitality. The façade, a masterpiece of stone and native flora, blends with the rugged beauty of its beachside setting. In the bedroom, the soft glow of natural light invites restful slumber, while the living area offers panoramic views of the untamed landscape, inviting the outside in. Every room is a testament to mindful design, aiming to create a dialogue with the surrounding environment. Externally, the architectural silhouette stands as an homage to the indigenous architecture, while the garden's native plants pay tribute to the Mediterranean palette. Positioned directly on the beach, this property offers an unparalleled connection to Formentera's idyllic coast, promising a lifestyle of unrivaled tranquility and luxury.

• Price: First price valuation will be available after the bare brickwork is done.

• Land: 15,000 sqm

• Built surface: 303.37sqm including the guest house, without the basement


• Pool: 42 sqm



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