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REF: 0333ES

Bedrooms : 10

Bathrooms: 10


Luxury home in the heart of Marbella on the Golden Mile.

The villa is one of the most modern real estate objects built using advanced technologies and only high quality materials. It is not without reason that he is given the name of the largest diamond ever found. There is nothing better than this unique Villa on the Costa del Sol!

The largest and best villa ... Located on a plot of 13.845 m², a 3-storey modern mansion with an area of ​​3.110 m², oriented to the south, guarantees an exceptional, unprecedented lifestyle. Think of wealth, maximum comfort with extravagance. This property is one of the few outstanding mega-mansions of the latest generation in Europe.

A house whose amenities allow owners to feel bored and spoiled. Gorgeous, very large, with several amazing places for entertainment, cozy rooms and comfortable armchairs, this house allows not only to have fun, but also to relax, relax and always find a quiet moment for yourself.

Due to the elevation and orientation to the south, this Villa has an absolutely breathtaking view of the picturesque coastline of Marbella. Luxurious, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient mansion is equipped with everything necessary for the most comfortable, refined and safe lifestyle.


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