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REF 0516BE

Bedrooms : 77

Price : On Request


Construction : 5500 m2

Plot : 447.000 m2


Brief history of the castle :

The castle was the residence of the Lords of Jemeppe, until the annexation by France and the end of the ‘Ancien Régime’. The first known Lord is Jean Dochain (1280). Originally, the castle consisted solely of a 23 meters high square donjon that was built in the 13th century. It was built with a double purpose: as a residence and as a means of defence (at the time, the dynasties of Namur and Luxemburg were at war), and remained the property of the Dochain family until 1616.

In the 17th century, during the time of the Ans family, three wings were added to the donjon, forming the quadrilateral building you can now admire.

The farm was also built during the 17th century. It was composed of a hayloft, stables, a sheep barn, and the domestic’s quarters.

The next owners were the Grady family during the 18th century, then the Sauvage-Vercours from 1838 onwards. The building was abandoned in the 20th century and gradually fell to ruins. Fortunately, it was eventually purchased, entirely renovated and completely rehabilitated as a state of the art congress centre.

The whole complex was listed in 1982.

A faire-tale location for a wedding…

The beautifully renovated castle, that is steeped in history and surrounded by the rolling hills and beautiful landscapes typical of the Belgian Ardennes, is an ideal location for conferences, training courses, parties, weddings…

The castle offers the rather unique combination of a grand historical setting along with all the modern cons.

This beautiful castle boasts 77 rooms and suites, 6 ultramodern meeting-rooms and 2 banqueting rooms


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