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REF: 0362GR

Bedrooms : 9

Bathrooms: 9


Natural stone is a recurring architectural element in Greek architecture. However, a residence where natural stone surfaces and walls can be seen in almost the entirety of its spaces is not a sight you see every day. More so, if the residence happens to enjoy the characteristics attributed to this one, in an always surprising location like Mykonos island.

Available for sale, Thalassa (θάλασσα, which means sea in Greek) is situated in an area called Agios Stefanos, near the new port of Mykonos and Chora, the town of Mykonos.

Its unique, architectural look that mostly incorporates natural stone, takes a cue from the surrounding huge rocks, which literally extend to the interiors.

Huge rocks in the living room become the protagonists of the atmosphere, while on the outside of the adjoining dining room, lighting spots throw beams of light on the rocky surfaces, creating a dramatic look.

The room features a long window with a direct view of the town of Mykonos, a magnificent spectacle enjoyed by a set of white cosy sofas. In the meantime, a fireplace and a piano stand there as the perfect ingredients for a relaxing cocooning night, along with delicacies made in the spacious kitchen, which also features huge rocks, right next to the big kitchen island.

Overall, the house’s interior decoration is expressed by a mix of bold, minimal and rustic styles.

As for the pool on the main level and its surrounding spacious veranda, they both meet the high standards of the rest of the property.

The large pool engulfs the exterior of the residence, creating the illusion of a sea-level that rose up to Thalassa’s level, offering spectacular views especially from the main window of the living room. On the edge of the pool area and the veranda, a secluded outside table with armchairs is there to bring the habitants even closer to the sea, while Cycladic and tropical vegetation adds even more natural elements to the environment.

The relaxation space is completed with sofas and couches placed on the side, protected from the sun. Back to the living room, a stone- covered staircase drives up to the master bedroom on the upper floor, where 150 sq.m. of Cycladic luxury is dedicated to the owners’ personal space.

Some of the highlights? A jacuzzi in the bathroom and a private pool. Two levels below, 8 guestrooms with over 50 sq.m. of space each await, with one of them also enjoying a private pool, raising the total number of the residence’s pools to three!


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